Love your woman, save the planet!

My conceptual model is getting clearer. I’m doing major research on how honoring the feminine helps the planet. Our society, no, world, is evolving 2B allies for women. We’re all Gaia!

I’ve been fantasizing about the next edition of husband & boyfriend training manuals to be the Lysistrata of modern day, except that NOW sexual favors will only be given in accordance with the Domina’s preferences. A modern day Goddess has learned to demonstrate leadership through how she inspires her man to take up the mission of healing the Planet. Crack that whip, Baby! This is what is needed today…and I dare say, tomorrow too. W/we make choices everyday. Every moment.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One thought on “Love your woman, save the planet!

  1. I think everyone has different ideas on this matter and a lot depends on the age of the answerer. As I have aged, my anteriorities have varied. I no richer look for anyone to make me happy, I look for society, individual that will work with me for a common destination. Other than that, it is up to yourself to be blessed, and until you learn to take care of yourself, your only doing yourself up for heartache and trouble by depending on others to do that for you. One thing is that a love relationship is to much to charish to be advertising in the first position. Maybe you don’t have the soft for her, but if she humps you she will help you with that. Just claim her what am i doing wrong to piss you off and also make sure that each conversation at least one thing is right.

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