The Mother Principle

the mother principle.jpg

As many of you know, I have been caring for my mother for the last several years, since 2006 actually. Gradually, she needed more and more attention, which I was thrilled to be part of since she was always a very capable woman, and giving back to her was such a gift and honor.

It’s been a year now she her transition, and I’m now able to return to my coaching & teaching practice full-time. This has been such a rite of passage, which provided me with a huge teaching about the “life of the soul”. I am eager to share it with you.

Many of you readily understand the role that your soul plays in your personal fulfillment, especially in intimate relationships. Physical attractions produce strong feelings, which may or may not endure. Heart & Mind connections are similar. But “soul connections” provide us with a nourishment which goes to the very core of our being.

As I cared for my mother, our soul connection was so alive, and it continues to be today and the foreseeable future. I used to say we were one soul in two bodies. Now I feel we are two souls in one body. As we venture forth together, she and I, we are present to assist you in your personal evolution as you navigate the inner landscapes of your heart & soul.

May you always feel blest, guided, protected, loved, and cherished.

Warmest regards,