Goddess Bliss Yoga

We often associate “yoga” with personal growth & healthy living. I began teaching Hatha when I was just 17. I had been studying it since I was 9, when a friend introduced it to me. Instantly fascinated, the pictures of pranayama and mystical insights sang like a song in my heart. My spiritual awakening had happened even before then, though, before even kindergarten. One day, after our family moved from NYC to Baltimore, MD, I had an angelic visitation, and my Third Eye was opened. I was shown the rivers, oceans, praeries, deserts, valleys, and other terrains of the Earth. A voice said, Man did not make these, God made these. Never bow down to Man, only bow down to God.” Just then, the “music of the spheres” played and the “movie screen” when black. I felt euphoria, I felt loved, guided, and protected. The years ahead were not only bliss however, and I overcame many tragedies, holding fast to the memory of that visitation.

The work to overcome adversity can take years. I spent decades studying relationships, personal growth, world religions, and philosophy. Over the last 20 years, I have created over 200 Coaching Programs for men and women. Most of my clients have been senior executives with Fortune 500, who recognize the value of self-improvement for personal and professional success. Almost all the clients with whom I’ve taught principles of romantic success are still happily married, all these years later. There is a Universe inside each of us. Everyone can be our teacher, if we pay attention.

Today, women are waking up and finding the courage to speak their hearts & minds. Toward this aim, building on what I’ve been taught, I’ve now created my latest program, for advanced students: GODDESS BLISS YOGA. This personal empowerment & relationship coaching program for singles & couples addresses many issues which face us all today: authentic self-expression, wellness & well-being, personal empowerment, chakra balancing, spiritual development, and romantic fulfillment. In the age of #TimesUp & #MeToo, I am hellping women and men discover their ecstatic potential. Each individual or couple is on a unique trajectory, to be sure; however, there are many predictable milestones.

So many men today are expressing a reluctance to even work with women, let alone date for a serious relationship. Men are apprehensive about how to talk to a woman, let alone, how to please a goddess. GODDESS BLISS YOGA will educate both women and men to cultivate fulfilling relationships based on shared goals and values. Multi-chakra relationships are the best: Love with you head, your heart, your body, and your soul. Master the male-female dynamics which currently perplex you. Study the ways to honor both the masculine and feminine sensibilities which arise in your interpersonal relationships.

Whether you are wanting to build a life with someone, or having sexual issues, this convenient and confidential coaching by phone program can also be done with in-person sessions in Carlsbad/San Diego, CA.


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