Meet Teresa


Teresa Ann Foxworthy

Teresa Ann Foxworthy, named “San Francisco  Spirituality Dating Coach”, has developed more than 200 personal growth programs over the last many years. She began studying yoga at age 9, teaching it at age 17. Since then, she’s authored a number of books, including Dating for Marriage, Dating Your Mate, Feng Shui Your Heart, Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Evolving the Masculine,  365 WAYS to Be a GODDESS, and the GODDESS HANDBOOK, and created the Goddess TV show, RADIANCE thru DANCE MEDIATION. Ms. Foxworthy has been cultivating her feminine wisdom for many years. Developing her inner warrior has been equally powerful. Together, the integration has brought a deeper sense of personal fulfillment on her spiritual path of awakening.

Teresa’s background in the performing and visual arts, cutting-edge technology, ancient divinatory arts, organizational development, and spiritual evolution is an unusual combination. She’s lived in France, Switzerland, and both sides of the U.S. Having been a coach and consultant for individuals and organizations, both here and abroad, she is most successful working with people who are ready for personal growth. Currently accepting new clients, Ms. Foxworthy is also available for team trainings and speaking engagements. She mainly divides her time between California & the Mid-Atlantic.