Coaching for Women

GODDESS BLISS is your birthright! Get the support you need for success, love, & radiant health! Empowerment & the feminine mystique are essential. Coaching by phone makes it easy.
Company Overview:
Teresa Ann Foxworthy began her coaching for women programs years ago as a result of her own Goddess Awakening. After decades in the corporate world, she knew Life held more for her. This led to a beautiful journey on what she now calls the Goddess Path. Coaching senior executives by phone has allowed her to help women from around the world as they reclaim their grace & dignity to define their values & true objectives in the areas of wellness, love & business.
Teresa has a mission to infuse every women she meets with a sense of invincibility & radiance for the sake of the planet. Balancing the yin & yang on the planet will bring more balance for everyone.
Teresa’s Goddess Bliss 12-month program will uncover the empowered goddess in YOU! Select from 1-3 hours each week & watch the magic unfold as you rejuvenate ~ body, mind, heart & soul! 

Call: 415.289.2213 for an appointment to have your sample session.

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